CBD Vape Pen-350 MG

CBD Vape Pen-350 MG


FarmacyBliss CBD VAPE PEN-350 MG (Melon Gum Flavor)

  • 350mg full spectrum CBD oil

  • Hemp flower-derived CBD oil

  • Solvent-free Melon Gum flavor terpene

  • No thinners, no solvents, no fillers

  • Pure, full spectrum CBD formulated with terpenes

  • Extracted from organically-grown hemp

  • Free of additives, pesticides, heavy metals, solvents

  • Ceramic tip and advanced ceramic coil

  • Rechargeable battery with included USB charger

  • Net wt. 500mg

  • Other ingredients: hemp oil

  • Made in USА.

Suggested usage: Up to 3 four-second puffs. There’re approximately 250 puffs per vape pen


Optimized formula. Farmacy Bliss vape pens are filled with our proprietary blend of high concentration, CO2-extracted, full spectrum CBD oil and full spectrum non-cannabis derived terpenes. All of our vape formulations are free of solvents, thinners, and fillers.

It’s pure, potent CBD for effective, natural relief. Farmacy Bliss vape products are lab-certified and 100% free of heavy metals, additives, solvents, and pesticides as well as GMO- free, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

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