Yes, I said Vaginas.

Say it with me now! Our precious Vajewel, Vajayjay, Vag, Flower, Furburger, Coochie,  Pink Taco, Fat Cat, Baby Phat, Smack, Honey Pot, Juju, Yoni, Pum-Pum, Pink Bearded Clam, Meat Curtains, Cookie, Cooter-Cat, Love Muffin, Juice box …whatever interesting moniker or stage name yours may have been justified with at childhood or even in your adulthood-if that’s your thing. You get my drift. This thing claimed to be the magic wand to all of our girl problems, and there’s no such thing as too healthy, too juicy or too tight right?

While My Bff (My Vag) Needed No Help In That Area…

Somehow this bizarre, seemingly marble-aged holistic spa treatment called to my spirit immediately. My initial reaction was, “Steam My What?” Followed by a serious vagina monologue trying to talk myself out of taking an impulsive trip to a Korean Spa to be awkwardly experimental with my Bff. Yet, I did it anyway. Yes, I for sure call my Vagina my BFF, because well, no one knows me better. As a V Spa client once said in a review, “If you take care of her, she’ll take care of you!” So while this was no mystical  quick fix to perfecting my period, like most others would purport just to sell you some witch-crafty wooden stool and a mysterious bag of herbs- it WAS the turn of the needle for resetting my womb cycle naturally and supporting my overall health and wellness with a little extra TLC.

I had found myself laid off my passionless, humdrum desk job and thus began to study any and everything about holistic care, Mayan Abdominal Healing,  Ayurvedic Medicine, Womb Wellness and Herbalism for Aromatherapy. Although, I hadn’t the intention on helping any Vagina’s, but my own- I somehow quickly became a resource for Vagina issues. So I learned  to create my own herbal steam baths by blending all natural, organic dried herbs commonly used in Traditional Medicine that remedied women’s general feminine health issues.

The refreshing and calming feeling ensued from the V Steam was appreciable enough. But low and behold, I am now fibroid free and have been so for the past four years. Although my then, obnoxiously perverse OB/GYN debunked my theoretical reasoning as to why my fibrosis was resolved and dissuaded me from “getting steamy” ever again. He insisted my “Vagina and uterus is self-cleansing.” While that may be true, still the vulva is not, and neither were my Mother wounds, Father wounds, Sister wounds, or the emotional trauma suppressed in my cellular body from heartbreak, failure, abandonment, child molestation, and rape. These were toxic emotions in my body that required true holistic care, intuitive-healing guidance and  support from teachings and intimate gatherings held by world renowned healers like Queen Afua, author of Sacred Woman, Dr. Rosita Arvigo, of The Arivgo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy and Thema Azize Serwa of The Womb Sauna University. So, the oddity of my fibroids shrinking and virtually dissolving after consistent vaginal steam therapy and healthy lifestyle changes is far more than coincidental. Along with the now, hundreds of thousands of women all over the world who swear by the efficacy of vaginal steaming for supporting their own womb cycles, fertility, and sexual vitality.

I’m Fertile As Myrtle. Yoni Is Poppin’, And V is On Fleek!

My fiancé and I were finally blessed with a successful pregnancy with our angel faced baby boy, who is now two years old. We hold so much gratitude for my outstanding doctors, Dr.Samadi Rameen M.D. a high-risk Perinatologist and my OB/GYN Dr. Navid Navizadeh, M.D. of Santa Clarita, CA who were able to help maintain my health and our babies until delivery. I strongly feel that nurturing and caring for yourself is an integral piece of Women’s Healthcare, and safe self-care alternatives should be welcomed and promoted by our health care professionals. There is no bodily condition or disease that medicine can heal if the mind and soul are not connected. Mind, body and soul are one and directly influence our physical and biological condition on this material plane. We as spiritual beings have a supernatural ability to teach our bodies how to take care of us- if only we learn to communicate.

Today, bringing the V Spa Vagisteam experience to Women everywhere is the goal in mind. I created the V Spa as a womb sanctuary in which we can feel free to hold conversational space about all thing’s womanhood, motherhood, and beyond. I did this for my daughter, in hopes to preserve the tradition of women being healers as we have always  been since the spark of time. I long-held the vision for five years and have a multitude of plans in the future for us to ignite social and global change through our own healing. I birthed the creativity that is V Spa, so that we may have a safe space to be. Just be. To heal, to re-connect, and to bond- whether it be with ourselves or Mothers, Daughters, Sisters and Friends. Women should be proud to learn and love our bodies without shame, fear, or, judgement. This type of societal acceptance for Women’s Health & Wellness rebirths the ideal healthy whole woman. Needless to say, the V Steam changed my life forever, and I’ve never been more vibrant and empowered to help change yours!