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                 A gentle, natural self-care tool for preventative health​

There is a myriad of feminine health benefits that ensue with regular vaginal steams.  The tissues of the vulva (what you see on the outside) and the vagina (what can be felt on the inside) are mucous membranes. This delicate skin is very permeable due to a rich concentration of blood vessels, which means the vagina is an ideal area to apply or use herbal therapies for their medicinal value.

A vaginal steaming comprises of a special blend of medicinal herbs that when infused in warm water release the healing properties of each plant into the uterus. The combination of medicinal herbs and steam penetrate deeply into the cervix and uterus to dislodge indurated menstrual fluids and pathological accumulations that have not properly sloughed off with each previous  cycle or pregnancy. This is possible, when the warm steam permeates through those membranes to liquidify those debris and excess accumulations.

 Accumulations may cause fertility blockage, and menstrual imbalances and odor causing bacteria.

The herbs not only help soothe and nourish the thirsty vaginal membranes but allow for detoxification.

The V steam is a gentle, natural hygiene regimen and a very good preventative measure to aid in ph imbalances, promote menstrual health and to support the various stages of a woman's cycle.

Some benefits may include helping with painful periods; PMS; infections; infertility and digestion.

I used to get really really bad cramps on my cycle before I tried the V steam now I hardly feel anything during my cycle and all the dark menses is flushed out. Unbelievable! 

Kelsy  M. 

Brief History

V Steam (or Yoni Steams) on the contrare are not merely just a new fad!

Vaginal steams are an ancient healing and cleansing modality that were used by many indigenous cultures for around the world, most notably found in Guatemala, Mexico, Haiti, Papua, New Guinea, Suriname, Ghana, Turkey, South Africa, Tanzania, Eritrea, Palau, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia and India.

This universal practice of utilizing the alchemy of heat, water and herbal medicine to care for the root of the female body (the womb) has been used for many ages. It is a traditional practice most commonly used by midwives for postpartum care but also used to treat a plethora of gynecological concerns.





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Client Testimonials

  From Our Founder

"My passion for women's health is unmatched. I am filled to the brim with innovative holistic strategies for nurturing the whole woman with a natural approach to healthcare.  It is my level of  care for my clients that encourages them to adopt  a healthy self care routine even at home, which then leads to positive lifestyle changes.  

Moreover, as a woman and a mother myself- I'm strongly dedicated to empowering women  and girls about self-care, period health, sexual health and adapting positive views about womanhood entirely. Over the years, I have worked with a great number of women who had challenging obstetric and gynecological  histories that were prone to misdiagnosis, pharmaceutical treatments, and surgical options-but to no avail. Then through this very simple, age-old holistic alternative, experienced  significant and almost immediate results that contributed directly to their feminine health and overall wellness.

Any medical professional that has a uterus, and is dismissive of the efficacy of vaginal steaming, I simply challenge them to step outside of their modern medical mindset and do the real research, and try it. This is medicine of the wise, It's almost a given science- that plants heal and water nourishes and cleanses. "

Jennifer Cagle, Founder/CEO​ 

Cert. Natural Health Practitioner

​Cert.Herbal Therapist 

​AHA Guild Member

I have tried a couple of different yoni spas back home in ATL and this was by far the best experience I've had doing a v steam. I tried the uterine cleanse v steam and left feeling very fresh and restored.  They have a professional staff and our practitioner was very sweet and knowledgable.

Tanya D.

Felt amazing, so relaxing and refreshing. I wish I  had known about this three kids ago. I am definitely going back soon! 

Jess C.

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